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W.R. Baker is a writer and teacher who lives in upstate New York. His previously published works include the following:

My Divided Brain (Fithian Press, 1999)

"The essential ingredient of myself is that I'm divided. I will never be undivided. I will have moments, dreamlike moments, where I think I'm unified, but basically I'm divided. My two hemispheres are not connected.

I talk to myself as if I'm two different people."

Divorce (San Francisco Book Company, 1993)

"UPSTAGE LEFT is a bed and table with chair, behind that a baby grand piano. On the table are various drugs: opium, chloride, and Nietzsche's books. In the middle of upper stage is a carnival apparatus and a white circular gong. At stage right is a projection slide of the Alps, another table and two chairs. Above the stage hang large pictures of Sigmund Freud, Wilhelm Reich and Carl Jung. Downstage is a cardboard cartoon picture of a military man, a famous picture of Nietzsche in Military uniform wherein he resembles Bismarck. On the floor of the stage are two masks: Richard Wagner and Nietzsche's old professor from Basel. A podium is downstage left.

"AS THE CURTAIN rises, the stage is dark. The gong sounds and the light rises. Nietzsche is sitting"


Skin of Light (Hayoka Press, 1983)

"In the main arena 1996 - the politician. He stands a chronicler of destruction, an epic maker with his hand on the mike he leans down to the grid and whispers all the fine fluidlike characters, malleable as hot plastic, explode like hot wires; wisps blow across this picture from my one soul dreaming. These shattered souls are hung abundantly from a crooked tree. They turn to look and stare at one another, incanting the phrase, until it is like a thunderous rain, "whose direction will be altered?"


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